Media Monitoring System

The Media Monitoring System (MMS) is a powerful program designed to translate and archive multi-national media from across the world.

Comprised of the Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS) and Web Monitoring System (WMS), the MMS gives the user a global perspective of current events with an easy-to-use user interface and a comprehensive search function of world-wide media spanning three to five languages, respectively.

BMS System Summary

BMS webpage The Broadcast Monitoring System (BMS)™ creates a continuous searchable archive of international television broadcasts. The system automatically transcribes the real-time audio stream and translates it into English. Both the transcript and translation are searchable and synchronized to the video, providing powerful capabilities for effective retrieval and precise playback of the video based on its speech content. With this system, users can sift through vast collections of news content in other languages quickly and efficiently. Texas A&M is the only institution of higher education with this system.

The interface allows users to quickly search for specific spoken content in the video archive through keyword queries in either English or the source language. Search terms are highlighted in the results, which show an image thumbnail, the transcript segment in the original language, and an English machine translation. Clicking on a result begins segment playback.


Users interact with the system from any PC or laptop via common high-speed IP network. The only required client software is Windows Internet Explorer and Media Player 9. Also, user must make this site a Trusted Site. Users can extract video segments up to 30 minutes in length or still photos for sharing, presentation, and collaboration. Currently, the 3 languages supported are Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

WMS System Summary

The Web Monitoring System (WMS)™ has a comprehensive capability for collecting, organizing, and translating open source content from the World Wide Web. This groundbreaking system integrates and manages media analysis workflow from beginning to end —

WMS webpage

  • Auto multi-lingual data collection & mirroring of user- identified Web sites
  • Automatic extraction & translation of text into English
  • Search across multi-lingual sites
  • Collected site archived for later use
  • Translator’s tool supports human translation aligned to extracted text, machine translation, & original Web page
  • Browser-based user interface

The WMS’s automatic analysis of Web site content simplifies identification, translation, & retrieval from overwhelming volumes of continuously-accumulating media.

Currently, the 5 languages supported are Arabic, Chinese, Russian, Hindi, Farsi and Urdu.